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Clearer picture of the clearer picture of the employment picture in the U.S., we look at some data on employment search.Anemic growth in Private Sector Jobspart, why it is not a clear picture an accurate picture of the employment, collect the numbers of several highly publicized reports that data in different ways, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reassembles the establishment Survey of seasonally adjusted sample of actual wage and payroll tax receipts and a model that estimates the birth and the closure of small businesses, the so-called birth-death model..

Put the number of workers in part-time for economic reasons – that is, they were not able to find full-time employment – remains stuck at about 9.2 million. In a strong recovery, this number would decline as companies increased the number of hours worked and pulled part-time employees to full-time positions (Graphic courtesy of globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.. That means 7.75 percent of total jobs disappeared in the private sector. Although U.S. GDP clocking is in a solid growth of 2, the economy added only 221,000 jobs in the private sector in the six months from February to July 2013, according to the ADP data. That’s about half of the annual growth of the BLS Household Survey estimated -. But the higher BLS estimate is nowhere close to the rate of GDP growth.Current Market FileMaker NewsFertilizer Mosaic Compare Guidance – – Francisco Sails past estimates ? 7 Wallpapers St. Closing Bell November 2015: Market Bounce higher, Lower thread Close .

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