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Recession, it snapped, competitive bids. The fair 2008, the sister of Art Basel in Switzerland does not release official figures, but curators now report sales down – dramatically in some cases – compared to recent years. AFP PHOTO / Erica Berenstein .. FOR USE WITH AFP STORY US – Switzerland – art by Juan Castro Olivera.Swiss artist Olaf Breuning is next to his sand sculpture on South Beach in Miami, Florida, December 2008. The work celebrating Sagamore Hotel, celebrating Art Basel Miami. It is not tons said the tons of sand that were formed into a busty, abstract-faced sunbather.

Laptop computers are for sale at a supermarket in Seoul 12th December 2008 displayed. South Korea’s economic growth in 2009, the slowest level fall in 11 years, as a global recession, the country’s exports and domestic consumption hits will also suffer because of the slow growth in employment. REUTERS / Jo Yong-Hak .Oath As an says Monticello his administration get signals of of the support out of European partners to through Italy and said he hoped that the new government a quiet financial market to Italy must be around 200 billion euro of loans by the end of help refinance April.

‘This is a government by qualified man, and this means a They quantity all experts in their respective domain,’said Giacomo Vaciago Professor of of Economics at the Milan Catholic University. ‘This is the team of known each known each other for a long period and you respect each other. ‘.

Interior Anna Maria Cancellieri , a former police chief, Foreign Ministers Giulio Terzi Tues. Santagata, a former diplomat and Defence Giampaolo Di Paola, an admiral and the Member of the Military Committee of NATO , are all of experienced administrators are.

However a new team must work quickly. In Italy cost of debt have soared, the yield on 10 -year bonds rises above 7 % of, a level widely considered unsustainable..