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In the era of refrigeration, consumers could my wife my wife and I devoted BOGOF shopper – freeze meat. Old vegetables make great new soup, old fruit, delicious jams. And local food banks may be able some of the some of the elements.

Two weeks ago, in an interview in Germany, said Prof Bofinger , the situation was similar to that in autumn 2008, when governments guarantee bank deposits and then decided new rules.

He told RTE Radio ‘s This Week program that the German people bad memories of the inflation, which had caused two generations, had to lose a lot of money. Fear of central financed federal deficits was deeply in our genes, he said.More about Business Insider: Romney GOP imploded Following Losses Democratic , the GOP Senate race destroys into Last Night Meet neuroscientists.

All of money would explaining why Rove had a televised speech core meltdown, if Fox referred Ohio – and thus the choice of – for Obama Tuesday night.

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