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HSBC Holdings Plc, costs for wages costs for wages wants 30,000 jobs 30,000 jobs by the end of 2013, about 10 % of the employee see largest bank in EuropeIn its consumer division, HSBC is on the UK, Hong Kong, countries growth markets like Mexico, Singapore, Turkey and Brazil, and smaller where it to focus with leading market share, Gulliver told shareholders in May. It plans to increase revenue in the unit of $ 4 billion in the short to medium term, the bank said at the time.

And Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Is well positioned to cut payroll lists, such as investment banking revenue weakens.

HSBC has already cut 5,000 of the sites and can engage from 3000 to 4000 people a year in emerging markets, Gulliver Journalisten.000 jobs exclude employees told to leave when sold sold, he said. The target doesn t take into account cuts that could take place followed by the UK Independent Commission on Banking report in September said Gulliver. The plate may lenders to separate consumer and investment banking units forcing.. HSBC wants reduce costs by more than $ 3500000000 in the next two years as it tackles wage inflation in faster-growing economies and prepares for stricter capital rules.Argument, the left, they can tear the bailout and keep the euro, but tell that the European State and Government if Greece did not to promises lender them, the lenders at on financing, Athen travel to bankruptcy and an rapidly abandoned the EU single market currencies.

We have periods of tension in front, In If the banks experience large outflows witness in my view, a majority of people with these concerns be has now being done. Alex said Tsirigotis, Greece banking analyst Mediobanca. Is not enough space at zero for vanishing deposition on up their balance sheets through the adoption costly European Central financing through Bank of Greece.