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This is not just a few bad rally. At least 12 million shares traded hands in each of the past four trading days. There were only two days in December with all eight-digit trading volume. The last time that investors exchanged as many as 30,000 shares traded yesterday , the day after the balance sheet disastrous third quarter report was Netflix tanked late October.

There is a long way back, but at least the company is finally turning in the right direction.

Even the official blog post detail Netflix ‘s entry into the UK and Ireland was by by praise and enthusiasm. People from other European countries continued for receive her home next to Netflix. The first users – compared with ‘s LOVEFiLM – rated superior in terms of content and quality .

There was also speculation Yahoo!Munster of Piper Jaffray the on CNBC suggesting that Netflix would be an ideal target for an acquisition of Yahoo!: make – but no one shares pop 42 percent higher, as some analysts simply thinking out loud..Dates to Nielsen found out that viewers been for this the last TV season on an all time high, how many people who Gyimesi one Nielsen spokeswoman for. Television is so strong as ever, she says DailyFinance. Long way from discouraging TV usage appears, any other media such as computer to be to congratulate them.. Alignment – Why do has the television audience Rising Even?TV spectators who continuously steadily for many years, still continue to rise, due to a dissemination of of cable channels and the growth of with the use of digital video recorders . Or it is because boob remain relatively favorable form of entertainment in these difficult economic times? – One survey released early this week of Deloitte LLP which took than State of the Media Democracy an surge in the 75th television service in a survey of media consumption preferences 2 046 2,046 U.S.

Deloitte argues that recession in was increases the demand for in – home theater, however different experts doubt that word. I think it is for others reason, said Brad Adgate of Horizon Media, said in an interview. Adgate attributes rising attendances to a wider range of programming. There are more ducts than ever before. There is more TVs as folks back home. – TV is an top-three Favourites.